UPDATE: Training Schedule July 3-9 & Fundraising Update


Saturday 7/3: 10 Miles/ Actual: 11.09
Sunday 7/4: 6 Miles/ Actual: 5.43
Monday 7/5: Rest
Tuesday 7/6: 4 Miles/ Actual: 4.54
Wednesday 7/7: Stretching
Thursday 7/8: 4 Miles/ Actual: 4.85
Friday 7/9: 3 Miles/ Actual: 2.17

Total: 27 Miles/ Actual 28.8 Miles
Hard to believe we'll be doing nearly that much in ONE DAY!!!

I participated in a training walk this week on Thursday. It was nice to meet some new people. But they were both taller than me. And while our pace was the same, my little legs had to take almost two steps to their one. I pride myself on the fact that I can walk a 15 minute mile, sometimes under, but man I had a hard time keeping up. Maybe that's something I should write about; how shorties and tall folk can train together.

Fundraising Update:
Goal:                     $2,300
Raised as of 7/3:  $1,425
Add this week:      $10

Total: $1,435
$865 more to go!

My husband and I had the inside of our house painted this week and it ended up being a great time to weed through some of my stuff, especially my books. I donated three bags full of paperbacks to the library, but I have almost eight bags of hardbacks, some signed first editions, that I thought I'd try and sell as a fundraiser. If anyone is interested in some Anne Rice, James Rollins, Daniel Silva, Steven Saylor, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, and more, some signed, please use our Contact Us link on the righthand side of the page and I'll provide more details.


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