First Friday Art Walk -- Stitch N Studio

Today I will be working my butt off on orders so I can concentrate on something other then this painful tooth ache I have, I made an appointment with the dentist but cannot get in until Thursday, but tomorrow I might just show up on an emergency basis because OUCH this hurts BAD!

Enough of me.... let's talk about some really cute purses,  The First Friday Art Walk Artist by the name of Stitch N' Studio you can visit her shop at she has the cutest purses in her shop, I really wish I would have shopped Etsy and looked at these before I bought a new purse this weekend, because these are soooo cute and totally me.  Check them out!

Womens Handmade Purse/Shoulderbag

I love this pattern and the rose detail on the strap,  and if you click on the listing, you can view the inside lining of the bag which is really cute -- $38.00

I LOVE this purse, the side design reminds me of an etching I have, and the braided handle is beautifully detailed and accented with wooden beads - $42.00

Purse/Bag/Wristlet In Amy Butler Lotus

Stitch N' Studio has a beautiful pink wallet and I was going to put that photo in this blog, BUT my sister LOVES  yellow and she would kill me if I didn't put this listing in our blog, and I know you will agree, that this is the cutest wristlet ever, what a beautiful design to wear this summer - $23.00

Stitch N Studio has some beautiful pieces of Art in her Etsy Studio and I am so happy to share them with you, check out her shop at also if you have time why not check out the great First Friday Art Walk sellers don't miss out on this wonderful talented Etsy artist collective.

Thank you for reading Sweet Readers and I promise tomorrow we will bring  you another wonderful First Friday Art Walk seller leading up to First Friday.


Anonymous June 2, 2010 at 4:59 AM  

Thank you for sharing my Etsy shop. I love to be talked about. Tammy

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