First Friday Art Walk -- Lynn Dobbins Fine Art & Photography

I have 1 hour and 20 minutes and then I am headed to the dentist thank god, 3 days with a hurt tooth is not a good deal, but enough of that I am here to blog about another great First Friday Art Walk artist now your probably thinking I am going to do Jewelery or something BUT NOOO... I don't think so..... we will do Jewelery tomorrow, I have something SUPER special for you today, I have Lynn Dobbins Fine Art & Photography her art will BLOW your mind, I love it!  Check it out!!

Woodburned Goddess Fantasy Surreal Art Box

I have always have been drawn to art with stars and planets in it, one of my favorite paintings is a Wyland painting of a lady laying back and her hair is cascading into a waterfall and becomes the waterfall, while planets and stars twinkle up in the sky.  I am a huge fan of wild hair and planets and stars and this by far is one of those pieces I cannot take my eyes off of there is just something very special about this piece that I just love it has something special and is a must see.  This is an original and I am jealous of the future buyer (hint hint family this would be a good gift for me haha)-- $49.00

Flamenco Spanish Dancer

One of my good friends Belle a few years ago took up Salsa dancing, now she does all forms of dancing when I saw this picture it immediately reminded me of her, it looks like her, I can just imagine this is her dancing the night away after a day in the sun in Hawaii!  I love the colors and the dress it is such a very beautiful painting -- $450.00

Butterfly Maiden Fairy

This painting reminds me of being in drama class and all the different costumes we wore, the eyes are beautiful and big and memorizing, please make sure to read the description of this on the artist page it is beautiful -- $25.00

Please stop by and check out Lynn Dobbins Fine Art & Photography she has wonderful paintings that are really relatable to me and I hope you too, I love when I can look at an art piece see it for what it is and relate to it somehow in my life, I think that is what art is all about seeing something wonderful and feeling a closeness and connection to it even if it isn't the artist intention, art always has a life of it's own!  I hope you enjoy this lovely First Friday Art Walk Artist, please make sure to check us all out this Friday!


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