Yay, I made a Project Tracking Sheet!!

It's funny how Neva was blogging about time management today, and how she has so much she wants to do, I was thinking about the same thing (funny how we met at the Bead Fetish downtown and we both didn't even mention it, yet we were both thinking the same thing!)

I got a few orders sooo ... I made myself a project tracking sheet so I don't get out of line, I need these sort of tools to stay on track with things otherwise everything just kinda... well... blows up & becomes stressful and not fun!
I was telling someone today, I think when the"getting stuff done gene" was passed out, it must have been REALLY EARLY in the morning AND OF COURSE I was busy SLEEPING while my sister was WIDE AWAKE ready to greet the world, she gladly thanked my mom for this gene and then she passed her mine as well saying “she does not wake up until 12, let’s not let this one go to waste” and there you have it… it is absolutely truth my sister has double of what I have when it comes to ACTUALLY getting stuff done!
With that being said I need to get stuff done, I have a lot to do...so many designs I want to post, yet I have not posted them yet, so... this blog posting will be short, so I can get stuff done, YAY!!
KK bye for now, our sweet readers!


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