Walking 60 Miles for Boobies this Weekend :)

Tonight, I ran around downtown picking up last minute things for my trip.  My sister and I are road tripping to San Diego so we can spend 3 days walking 60 miles for breast cancer.  I am super excited and a little nervous because I do not know what to expect.  I got a new pair of shoes because everyone keeps telling me, I am going to want a second pair for the second day, so it took me awhile but I found a pair equally as cool as my beloved Brooks.  I then ran to target and raided the isle with all the sample bottles for mini travel product & got me a cute pink drinking bottle.  I also got me a twin blow up mattress, It was only $11.00... SCORE, my sister wanted to get those self inflatable mats, but I read those are so uncomfortable and being still sick from the deficiency and 9 weeks away from any symptom relief, I am not risking it.

I think I am going to pack my stuff in my big Samsonite, that way my sleeping  bag, fits inside.  The clothing & The colorful tops that I am packing for this event makes me smile, bright blue, bright pink, bright purple, my favorites, the tops make up for the plain black pants I have.  Chris bought me a light pink hoodie it's very appropriate & a bit rocker girly'ish & I LOVE IT!

I am looking forward to meeting people, hearing stories, and spending time to help raise awareness for the cause.  I hope to take lots of pictures and share them with you all, I think I will set up my flicker on my iphone or something, I will have to figure it out tomorrow.  I am also planning on bringing a journal so I can write everything down so I do not forget a thing, I want to remember it all!  

Well I am off to bed, it is late and I have to finish up some orders tomorrow and prepare for my trip.

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