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My Tuesday Tutorial

Sometimes status updates include things that I call "Digital Gossip", for example Metamorph Designs Status Update says "Saw Charming Anomalies booth at the fair this weekend, it was off the hook, check out my blog for details" the user would link to her blog that has a raving review. If Metamorph Designs does not tag Charming Anomalies, she is never notified and therefore has not a clue that this great blog was written about her.


if she tags her then she is notified, an update is put on her fan page showing she was tagged in a Status Update and the Status Update is available for all her friends to read, the link is available for them to see the raving review in the blog, and the news is spread faster. This is the equivalent of Gossiping about someone and telling them, I love it!

To tag someone in a Status Update is simple just use the "@" symbol before the name of the person you are talking about for example if you were to want to tag Metamorph Designs in your update you would type @metamorphdesigns (this is similar to how you reply or mention people in twitter.)

See tagging in action, check out my first EVER tutorial, yay!


Sharon May 11, 2010 at 3:46 PM  

Thanks for the tutorial. I have been a busy FB user for sometime and never knew this! I shared it with a tag!

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