Champagne Honey Dreams and Gawking at my Crafts

Champagne Honey

I am sooo happy that Neva made the treasury, see the screen shot to your left the title is "Champagne Honey" and here is the link   
We were talking about how we thought you had to be part of a group to get in one of those and then poof ... she get's on one with out doing anything... awesome, I am so happy for her, she ALSO got mentioned by the AWE team on their Facebook page the day prior, so I am glad she is getting recognition for all the hard work she puts into everything she does, she really has the cutest stuff around!! She also has some MORE secret jewelry that only I have had a sneak peek of and its BEAUTIFUL!!

And another screen shot for you, I am sooo happy I was on Craft Gawker yippie!!! I am so glad they like my photos makes me really happy, the first photo that got on the front page was one my sister took, and the second one I took so yay for us :)
I haven't been feeling well and with everything I am doing lately, I need to get caught up with things on Etsy etc.  I have been asked/volunteered to help out with the AWE Team blog set up/keep up and to be honest I can't wait to start invites, so I need to finish up formating the HTML and adding some special components and then start invites today yay!

I also am very SLOWLY, when I have time releasing new designs that I have been holding back (believe me this is hard for me to do every time I make something I want to throw it up on the Etsy site) I am soo excited about these designs, as they go to super fancy, and get a bit more girly, cartoonish, and are just plain fun to make and share!

Oh oh and I have a few people that I want to write about in our Sweet Treats Treasury that I have been meaning to write about, I am soooo.. excited... I found two great artist that I really am soooo excited to share with our readers, I know Neva and I were just clicking through their stuff and sooo.. amazed with the neat stuff that they had sooo..come back soon and be ready to click on some very beautiful links!!!
Bye our Sweet readers!

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