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Aimee has been trying to get me to list more on my artfire shop, but I just wasn't sure I could handle another shop on top of my etsy shop. With all the time I spend promoting that shop (which takes a ridiculous amount of time and I don't even do as much promotion as I should since I like to actually make my bookmarks, etc... more than sitting in front of a computer trolling twitter, facebook, forums, craigslist, etc... ), making things for the shop to compete with the "you must post daily" mandate everyone seems to think is the golden ticket to selling on etsy (I learned this week that it's not. Haven't listed in over a week and I got my very first sale to someone I don't know.), going to work, and saying hello to the husband and family once in a while (which I've been a totally neglectful wife and daughter, sorry), I didn't think I could add another shop to the mix.

However with the realization that posting everyday just isn't going to happen, I just decided to list more in artfire. I have seven things listed and I'll do a bit of promotion on that, and then let it ride.

I'm getting prepared for a jewelry show on the 6th of March at the California Museum here in Sacramento. The show's in honor of Women's History Month (March here in the US) and it's actually the real reason I just haven't kept up with etsy. I don't usually make jewelry, but I've managed to create a few pieces I'm proud of. I'm even making my own clasps and pendants. So It's been a challenge since I'm completely self taught.

Here are a few pictures. The first necklace is jade and the second is freshwater pearls.


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