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I am feeling a bit better today, so I forced Chris to take me out, even though I am still on antibiotic and have 18 days left.  We had some really great Indian food for dinner, I couldn't eat much 1/2 of it went home with us.  At dinner, I couldn't stop staring at these beautiful Indian ladies feet... wait... No I don't have a foot fetish SICK but I DO have a really cute flip flop fetish.....this group of ladies next to us, ALL had beautiful sparkly flip flops on!  I totally wanted to steal their shoes!  They had beautiful designs and crystals galore, ohhh the light when it hit them just right, they were just shooting off reflections like a disco ball, I was in heaven!  I should have asked them where they got them, where do you find such cute flip flops?  I have no idea, I didn't ask I was too embarrassed what if they looked at my feet and saw my cheap Target flips, I couldn't live down the embarrassment <-- that was me being dramatic, I didn't ask them because they didn't speak English at all, and I couldn't figure out a hand gesture for "where did you buy your cute flip flops" I will work on that!

Sooo...speaking of sparkles, I have an artist I would like to add to our Sweet Treats Treasury.  This artist has been advertising on our page through Project Wonderful, and I have to admit because of her ad, I have spent some time browsing through her shiny sparkly selection, I love her designs and I know you will love what she has to offer as well.

Rock crystal quartz Necklace

I love this necklace, the beautiful crystal has wire wrapping around the top to hold it to the chain (I love the wire wrap look, my sister can do it, I can't it blows my mind and mystifies me because I cannot wrap a wire for crap)  this would look beautiful with a red dress, I am sure it would go well with any color, but I choose red!!

Crystals are said to have healing powers (too much of a good thing is bad though Heidi & Spencer made that mistake and they went CRAZY, if you don't get what I am talking about then you probably don't watch The Hills and that is probably a good thing because The Hills will rot your brain...i watch The Hills... don't JUDGE, I have bad taste in TV shows,  I can't help myself I probably need counseling for it!!) -- $65.00 Click here to view the listing

Chalcedony Earrings


I love these earrings, I think these will be loved by all.  I love the color of the stone, they remind me of this ring my friend told me was on that movie Twilight, I never watched Twilight past the 1st movie, because I am only into really lame TV.... not movies, (sorry Twilight fans I don't get it, mom gave me the books, maybe I should try?) when she mentioned the ring, I had no idea what she was talking about, when she showed me it, I just smiled, nodded and said Ohhh..COOL I love that stone, and here is a similar beautiful milky stone this time with hues of blue, and a lovely cut.  I love these,  again these have been wire wrapped and all the wire work is all done by the Artist!  BEAUTIFUL!!!  -- $38.00 -- Click here to view the listing

Vintage Swarovksi crystal, vintage glass teardrop and sterling silver earrings - Syrah 

Changing the name to:
Aimee's Favorite Earrings 


I love it, you can only change names of things in your blog, I hope the artist does not mind, but THESE ARE MY FAVORITE OK!!  If anyone were to browse this shop and pick me out a gift these would be it, they would see them and they would know immediately that they belonged to me.  Really honestly how BEAUTIFUL are these? Geesh these sparkle even in the photo, I bet these would make my cats go crazy with all the light they would reflect on the walls -- $37.00 -- Click here to view the listing and to purchase for me!

In closing, this artist is great, I love her work, it is absolutely beautiful and stunning.  I think that the artist really has a great grasp for what us ladies like and it shows in all her work, right down to her beautifully detailed wire wrapping.  I would love to be an owner of any jewelery design she has and I know you would too.  So please go take a look at everything she has to offer, browse her shop and by all means do what we all love, go shopping!


Natalia June 17, 2010 at 1:30 AM  

Thank you so much for the sweet review! I really appreciate it! xo

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