Use the Adopt a Shelter Pet Stamps

5  Adorable Reasons To Buy Stamps

The United States Post Office has just launched Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps.  To celebrate the launch several sponsors are donating meals to shelter pets around the country!

These days with email and text messaging we often forget how wonderful and intimate a nice hand written letter in the mail can be.  It is very rare that we communicate this way anymore but it is still a wonderful sentimental way to tell someone that you are simply thinking of them!

For the shopaholic in all of us, I have compiled a list of reasons why we all might NEED to go to the store and buy stamps :)

Number #1 - Send A Note Card

Pet Picture Custom Note Card Set by
Show off your pet's cuteness by having a set of these custom note cards made! Your pup's photo is put on the card in a beautiful artistic way, envelopes have paws on them -- $40.00


Number #2 - Send A Thank You

Retro T.V. Thank You Cards by
It is always nice to say, "Thank You" even for the smallest gestures, so get out your Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps and be kind, send a sweet thank you note using this beautiful card from pixelandpost, this card is such a cute design, I love the way the television knobs say "Very Much" a very cute detail that does not go unnoticed! -- $12.00

Number #3 - Send A Postcard

Send CAKE?!!! Cake Post Card by
This is REALLY cute, and makes me crave cake, Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone special in a very unique and special way with this adorable cake post card. -- $14.50

Number #4 - Send a Mothers Day Card

A Mothers Day Card You Can Plant by
I love this idea cards eventually get tossed but your mother will always remember and enjoy her card when pretty flowers sprout from it!  The card is printed on handmade paper that is embedded with annual and perennial wildflower seeds - it will grow and flower year after year, so mom can enjoy this present for a long time -- $5.00

Number #5 - Send A Love Letter

Send Kisses, Besos Card by
Very unique and beautifully designed, sending this precious card to someone you love will make their heart flutter knowing you took the time to pick out something so unique and special just for them, besos! -- $6.00 per card

Have a wonderful Day our Sweet Readers,

Aimee Lyn


Miss J May 5, 2010 at 10:54 AM  

Thanks so much for including my cards!

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