I think my sister may have mentioned in an earlier post that we both love the Pounce feature on etsy, the "Undiscovered" portion, that is. It might just be the brainless button pushing, who knows. But one does find some pretty awesome things.

Which is what happened to me the other day.

To give you some background...I hate carrying a purse. If it's winter time I keep all my crap in my coat pockets. And in the summer I just grin and bare it. But it's such a leash. If I'm out and about I like my hands free to pick things up and touch things. Not constantly employed in moving the purse strap from my elbow to my shoulder. And I should note, I've tried so many purses. The only thing that comes close to being acceptable to me is an across the body deal, but those are always either way too big or way too small. I just want something big enough for my wallet, my phone, a tube of lipstick, and maybe a comb, that doesn't have a million and one little pockets that I can lose things in, and stays put. And I can never find it.
So, this leads me to "Pounce...the Undiscovered Crafters" and to Sewnewthings ( I feel like this wonderful person heard me from a half a world away and made these bags just for me.

Right now she has three types of bags for sale:
The Expandabag - Ingenious by the way...

The Larger Hobo Bags

The Cross Body Flat Bags - a.k.a. the One That Got Me Hooked

I love that she uses vintage fabric, lines the purses, and uses a zipper (a lot of smaller purses use snaps or little hook things and my stuff falls out all the time. Another pet peeve. Seriously, Sewnewthings, you and me...we're right here.) And they're so simple and seem so usable.

But more importantly, I love the fact that she saw a need and used her creativity and her abilities to fill that need. That's what etsy's all about...I think, anyway.

I'm going to close with some words from the artist herself. Sewnewthings is brand new to etsy... just like me so please take a look.

Sewnewthings -
"With these bags, I wanted to solve some of the problems with a typical hand bag. The lack of zippers seems to be a problem, as flaps and buttons are often cumbersome, and not easily accessible. Security is also an issue if you don't have a zip, things can fall out! My bags are made for those times when you don't want to cart ALL your stuff along - just something light and easy to carry. I have lots of lovely fabrics waiting to be made into bags, depending on demand - I prefer using recycled, retro fabrics..."


Aimée - Metamorph Designs March 1, 2010 at 12:51 PM  

Ohhh yeah, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these :) I could totally see you wearing one of these, and her use of vintage fabric is sooo great!

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